Wills Trusts and Other Tools

Is family discord absolutely unavoidable when settling a deceased family member’s estate? No, but as Christian stewards, our first task is to determine God’s plan of stewardship for our estate. God’s word contains principles that give us guidance, and by following them, we can recognize and address potential areas of family conflict.

Giving non-cash assets now

Your plans and gifts will be like none other – and you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions. To help you achieve stewardship success in your estate and gift design, we offer a variety of services – each one guided by Biblical principles and time-proven, tax-advantaged strategies. And each one capable of helping you discover God’s unique plan of stewardship for you.

Receiving income first then giving later

Ralph and Marge have entered into their retirement years and are prayerfully considering the stewardship of all of their assets – often referred to as their estate. While they live comfortably and have considered making gifts of some “extra” assets (mostly CDs and a few low-dividend stocks), they wonder if they might someday need the income these assets can provide.

Are there charitable options for Ralph and Marge that could allow them to both receive income and make a generous gift?