Assemblies of God World Missions — A Strong Partner

We leave the world a better place and are celebrated when we plan well and choose strong legacy partners. A strong legacy partner:

  • Has an enduring future

    Founded in 1914, AGWM has grown to more than 2,600 global workers who are living today in 153 countries and territories. Each year, dozens of new missionaries join their ranks to consecrate their lives to obey the Great Commission.

    The future is bright! Those who partner with AGWM will leave an enduring legacy.

  • Builds on guiding principles

    AGWM’s guiding principles make training and empowering local leaders a high priority and allows investments to be placed under the ownership of our local partners. We provide capital funding for infrastructure and growth but to ensure ministries are sustainable long-term, the operational funding is from local sources. As a result, if our US workers are forced to leave an area, the local ministry can continue.

    These principles also leverage AGWM’s effectiveness by multiplying our efforts. This ministry model has been reproduced in over 100 nations where local partners have become missions-sending agencies.

  • Is accountable

    AGWM maintains the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Independently audited annual reports are available on request. Administrative and fundraising expenses are maintained at levels considered exemplary among charitable agencies.

    Contact the Legacy of Faith office about the possibility of an on-site visit to the ministry with whom you wish to partner. We welcome your in-person engagement where the context allows it.

  • Has the capacity to manage sizable gifts

    AGWM has formed the structures and capacity to support over 2,600 global workers units in almost every country and territory. Using indigenous principles which encourage the discipling, training, and delegation to local leadership, AGWM has a proven capacity to greatly scale up ministries to meet local needs because of US missionaries who dedicate their lives to:

    1. Live in-country and be fluent in the local language and culture,
    2. Develop life-long relationships with the country’s ministry leaders,
    3. Work as partners with local ministries to leverage our capacity.

    The bottom-up, field-driven ministry model is able to grow in response to local needs and available resources.

  • Provides choices

    Explore the many choices within AGWM and give where your heart is.

    AGWM’s avenues of giving provide opportunities across a broad spectrum of ministries that are likely to include those that have touched your heart. Your legacy can be expressed through compassion, lasting infrastructure, training future leaders, Bible distribution, children’s ministries, and more. These areas have been part of the DNA of AGWM for decades and will continue to grow.

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